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a bottle that holds catsup

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SIPA's designers took an existing ketchup bottle design, shortened the neck and softened the angles around the bottle body to prevent collapse whilst still providing an attractive appearance.
The ketchup bottle is seen less and less, and more gourmet sauces are atop the table.
The best technique I've found through trial and error and a little bit of sense is to tip the ketchup bottle at about a 30-degree angle with respect to the horizontal, the neck pointing at my hamburger," Junk says.
The look of the range will be significantly different to Value, with the retailer ditching its green and yellow colour scheme in favour of a clean, white background, with individual illustrations on each line representing the product itself-for example, a drawing of a tomato on the Savers ketchup bottle.
You're now ready to move off into a new social sphere, one where you're going to be appreciated for your refinement, your knowledge and your wisdom; so you won't want that ketchup bottle in the shape of a tomato anymore.
Cody Lawrence's lone entry, an Andy Warhol-style drawing of a ketchup bottle as a space satellite orbiting earth, was named one of 36 finalists for 12 spots on Heinz's plastic packets and one spot on the company's bottle labels.
And in Norwich, binmen refused to take refuse from nearly blind ex-soldier Lenny Woodward, 95, after he put a ketchup bottle in the wrong bin.
The inverted top-down ketchup bottle was an early example of a "why-didn't-we-think-of-this-before" novelty.
There is nothing better than a plate of hot French fries, lightly salted, until someone finds it necessary to spank the bottom of a ketchup bottle so that it spits out a couple glugs of tomato puree, high fructose corn syrup, vinegar and other ingredients.
Does that mean a heavy hand with the ketchup bottle is a good thing?
First stop on the trip was to the grocery store where Moses was pleased to find "The now bigger and better" 30-oz ketchup bottle with a plastic tip.
Heinz is boldly advertising "ORE-IDA EXTRA CRISPY FRIES DIG ME" on the front panel of its ketchup bottle.
And since getting there is half the fun, the travel guide includes information on scores of unusual roadside attractions across the country, including the world's largest ketchup bottle, a museum devoted entirely to UFOs, and even a giant corn maze.
I began by showing students how to sketch the condiment containers by first recognizing general shapes, (a ketchup bottle can be viewed as a rectangle with a flat-topped triangle on top).
Yesterday, there was no reason for a family of four or five to have more than one ketchup bottle in the fridge," Stibel says, "and the likelihood of its being Heinz was only about 50/50.