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Synonyms for kestrel

small North American falcon

small Old World falcon that hovers in the air against a wind

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Eurasian Kestrel, scientifically called Falco Tinnunculus, has a wide range of distribution in Asia, Africa and Europe.
A world deprived of the sounds of tawny owls, without those little ditties of the yellow yites, bereft of the glorious anthems of skylarks and with the wonderful hovering of the kestrel absent, is unimaginable.
That one possible exception to the rule, the kestrel, does portray a slightly less menacing image for its eyes are darker and less threatening.
Kestrel Liner Agencies is the UK's largest liner agency.
A breeding pair of Eurasian Kestrel -- a species of the falcon family -- has been spotted atop one of the architectural landmarks of Qatar, according to a falcon researcher.
In September Kestrel Group c/o Marr Holdings paid PS14.3m for a development of four car showrooms in East Yorkshire.
Billy Casper, played by Lucas Button, has a unique relationship with his beloved kestrel.
Following the unique relationship Billy Casper (Lucas Button) builds with his kestrel, he is accompanied by his older self - a wonderful Jack Lord - who also doubles as the downtrodden teen's brother, teachers, mother and boss.
A friendly young kestrel will soon make its way to Nicosia to be nursed back to full health after a dog-walker found him lying on a pavement in Geroskipou in Paphos on Sunday.
I WAS driving along the motorway into Wigan the other day when I saw a kestrel hovering above.
PT Adaro Energy Tbk (ADRO) has completed the acquisition of 80% of the Kestrel Coal Mine (Kestrel) shares previously owned by Rio Tinto.
Denmark-based freight forwarding and logistics services provider Scan Global Logistics has acquired Australian-based freight forwarder Kestrel Freight and Customs Pty Ltd., providing Scan Global Logistics Pty.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 11, 2018-Scan Global Logistics Acquires Kestrel Freight to Expand in Australia
The Expo and Conference is being organized by Kestrel Noble plus, a business promotion company.