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a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters

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'My child can now comfortably do her homework at night, unlike before when we were using kerosine lamp,' said Elizabeth Meteur.
Most of the wines available here are also bone dry, the wines available here are also bone dry, almost to the point of austerity, balanced almost to the point of austerity, balanced by intense citrus fruit that rarely takes on by intense citrus fruit that rarely takes on the kerosine character of Riesling grown the kerosine character of Riesling grown on other warm sites.
Indonesia's consumers are still reeling from the government's abandonment of energy subsidies that saw the price of kerosine nearly triple.
Police and firefighters attended and the truck, which was carrying kerosine, was removed after it was decided it was safe to do so.
For headlining the show at the Dog & Parrot, on Thursday, will be Waving At Planes, who will be joined by Tom Dancer and Kerosine.
Vendors of fuel get large profit margins even though they sell their smuggled kerosine at prices much lower than those that are found in the rest of the country.
Wine haze may be unslightly, but consider the plight of the Riesling Connoisseur who, after five years of cosseting a prized case, finds his glass something that smells like kerosine. "Rieslings can form an off-flavor during storage," Peter Winterthalter, a chemist at the University of Wurburg in Germany, remarked at the ACS meeting.
cigarettes, shirting, lawn, georgette,gents sandal, gents chappal, ladies sandal, electricity charges, gas charges, kerosine oil, electric bulb, washing soap, match box, petrol, hi-sped diesel, telephone local call and bath soap.
Shell developed and produced the 50-50 blend of GTL kerosine and conventional oil-based kerosine.
Petrol by Rs 2.12, High-Speed Diesel Rs 0.26 while Kerosine will be increased by Rs 3.94, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) stated.
The Lavan Blend was introduced in November 1993; it is produced by the offshore oilfields of Salman, Resalat and Reshadat; it yields 20% of gasoline, 18% of kerosine, 17% of gasoil and 20% of fuel oil.
This will no doubt increase power generation and LPG utilisation in the country, which will reduce firewood and kerosine consumption thereby contributing to a cleaner environment".
MULTAN -- The district task force seized an unregistered oil storage factory and recovered over 2.2 million litres of illegal diesel and kerosine oil from the site.
The plant produces 46,100 b/d of gasoline, 67,000 b/d of fuel oil, 36,200 b/d of jet fuel and kerosine, 70,000 b/d of gasoil, 7,100 b/d of LPG and 5,000 b/d of asphalt.