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a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters

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THE Akwa Ibom State Police Command has arrested one Idorenyin Essien, who allegedly doused his son with kerosene and burnt him to death.
The prices of high speed diesel, kerosene oil, and light diesel would be lowered by Rs7.67, Rs4.27, and Rs5.63 per litre, respectively.
A Senate committee has raised questions on the anti-adulteration levy, saying it has increased the price of kerosene and made the life of ordinary Kenyans difficult.
Following Ogra's recommendation, the government also jacked up price of kerosene oil by Rs 5.38 per litre and light diesel oil (LDO) by Rs8.90 per litre.
The regulator had recommended to cut petrol price by Rs 0.77 per litre and Rs 2.94 per litre decrease in the kerosene oil.
According to sources, the regulator has recommended to cut petrol price by Rs 0.77 per litre and Rs 2.94 per litre decrease in the kerosene oil.
Based on import parity price of Pakistan State Oil (PSO) for purchases in May, the government approved Rs4.50 per litre increase in the price of high speed diesel (HSD), Rs4.26 in petrol, Rs1.69 in kerosene and Rs1.68 for the price of light diesel oil (LDO).
The regulator has also requested an increase in prices of kerosene oil of Rs7.46 per litre while a rise of Rs6.40 per litre has been recommended for light diesel oil (LDO).
The energy regulator announced Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene in Nairobi will increase by Sh5.25, Sh5.52 and Sh2.76 per litre respectively.
54 to Rs84.03 per litre and kerosene oil would go up from Rs86.31 to Rs92.96 per litre.
KUWAIT, April 3 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) has formed an ad hoc committee to look into the causes of an already quenched kerosene unit fire at Mina Abdullah Refinery on Tuesday.
Biodegradation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils which use the ability of microorganisms to degrade and/or detoxify organic contamination, has been considered as an efficient, economic, versatile and environmentally sound treatment for kerosene contaminated soils (9-11).
The government has also decided to decrease kerosene oil prices by Rs3, taking the price from the existing Rs86.50 to Rs83.50 for December.
In separate advisories on Monday afternoon, oil firms announced they will implement effective on Tuesday morning a hefty price rollback of P2.30 per liter in gasoline, P2 per liter in diesel and P1.65 per liter in kerosene.