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Synonyms for Kern

United States composer of musical comedies (1885-1945)

the part of a metal typeface that projects beyond its body

Related Words

furnish with a kern

remove a portion of space between (adjacent letters)

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Ron Swanson made the complaint against Kerns in April, when Swanson abruptly retired to avoid being fired after an internal affairs probe uncovered a long list of policy violations, the most serious of which related to his messy domestic dispute that had sparked an earlier criminal investigation.
Swanson wrote in response to a notice of proposed discipline that he believed department higher-ups had aggressively picked apart his personal life and built a major misconduct complaint against him because he had a history of complaining about workplace issues and had defied an order from Kerns to not discuss an unusual incident involving Kerns and a former city police officer who had been despondent.
Looking at your cost centers, or the points in manufacturing where the input of cost for a casting can be measured, is essential, said Kerns.
1% may increase the cost of prepared sand mixtures by $2-6/ton, making the unknowing foundry economically non-competitive, said Kerns.
No one was injured by the gunshots outside the mall, but at least one vehicle in the mall parking lot was struck, Kerns said.
1 and Zane Lane in the Santa Clara area, Kerns said.
The dispute centers on whether Kerns, in February 2008, when he was patrol captain, told police officers at a department briefing: "I want you to go out there and put your boots to the butts of the criminals, and I will support you.
17, Kerns will temporarily take over the post held since 2004 by Chief Robert Lehner, who announced last week that he had accepted a similar position with the city of Elk Grove, Calif.