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Synonyms for Kern

United States composer of musical comedies (1885-1945)

the part of a metal typeface that projects beyond its body

Related Words

furnish with a kern

remove a portion of space between (adjacent letters)

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Sollte sich ndmlich andererseits die hier vorgeschlagene Auffassung der Satelliten als richtig herausstellen, so konnte man hoffen, aus einem vervollstdndigten und gemdfl dem Kombinationsprinzip in Spektralterme geordneten Beobachtungsmaterial in Zukunft auf rein spektroskopischem Wege uber den Bau der Kerne etwas zu erfahren.
Kernes used to be a supporter of the former proA[degrees]Moscow president Viktor Yanukovych.
Officials have not commented on who could be behind the attack on the mayor -- but Kernes was a man who could have angered both sides.
Kernes, who is Jewish, was flown Tuesday to Israel for medical treatment, his spokesman said.
Kernes, who worked his way up the ranks of local government, was accused byUkraine's new pro-Western leaders two months ago of promoting separatism by demanding independence when pro-Russian protesters took control of administrative buildings.
Moskovitz has spoken to the family and said Kernes is out of surgery but remains in critical condition.
Hennadiy Kernes was reportedly shot in the back by unknown gunmen while out jogging, and is said to be undergoing emergency surgery in hospital.
Guenadi Kernes, alcalde de Jarkov y uno de los principales soportes de Yanukovich, reconocio al nuevo gobierno; con el sentido practico de los negocios el oligarca Rinat Ajmetov, socio de Yanukovich y hombre fuerte en la region del Donetsk, se acomodo a los nuevos acontecimientos dando su apoyo a Maidan.
Although the peoples and cultures of the world are dramatically different, it is argued that a shared universality in values exists regardless of background, nationality, or religious beliefs (Kinnier, Kernes, & Dautheribes, 2000).
Kharkiv authorities opposed the protest, and asked the court to ban it "in order to protect the interests of the Kharkiv residents," Mayor Gennadiy Kernes said.
Isaacs told Adult Video News correspondent Mark Kernes there were two holdouts, both women.
In a review of these perennial principles, Kinner, Kernes, and Dautheribes (2000) developed four major categories of values shared across the world: (a) commitment to something greater than oneself; (b) self-respect, but with humility, self-discipline, and acceptance of personal responsibility; (c) respect and caring for others (i.
Mark Kernes, senior editor of Adult Video News, sai that approximately 90 percent of U.
Mark Kernes, Are New Isaacs' Indictments a Response to MIM Pressure?
Zum Charakteristikum des wahrheitsfunktionalen Kernes von der IK mit (an)statt zu werden in der wissenschaftlichen Literatur noch Begriffe faktisch (wirklich, in der Wirklichkeit) und potentiell (moglich, im Gegensatz zu Wirklichkeit), positiv oder negativ verwendet.