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Synonyms for kernel

Synonyms for kernel

a fertilized plant ovule capable of germinating


a source of further growth and development

Synonyms for kernel

the inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone

a single whole grain of a cereal

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Be sure to use a pasta shape that can capture the corn kernels, like medium-size shells or the like, and for extra lusciousness, add a little drizzle of good olive oil over the top before serving.
Correlations: As hypothesized, pearl millet yields were positively correlated with panicle m-2, kernels panicle-1 and kernel weight panicle-1 at both locations for all treatments.
The strongest positive relationships were found between kernels panicle-1 and kernel weight panicle-1 (0.80) and grain yield (0.85, 0.86) at Pa$?
In this section, we introduce the related knowledge about extreme learning machine, extreme learning machine with kernel and multiple kernel learning.
When executing user-space applications, Linux keeps its entire kernel memory mapped in page tables protected from access.
Kernel's product portfolio includes more than a dozen popcorn flavours, ranging from simple butter and white cheddar to garlic parmesan and cheesy caramel corn, as well as popcorn oils and drizzles.
Using the Langrage function and kernel K([x.sub.m], [x.sub.n]) [less than or equal to] [phi]([x.sub.m]), [phi]([x.sub.n]) > 0, we could get the dual form of problem (2):
Kernel extended SVR, the concentration of the component, is calculated by the regression function: Y = [omega][PHI](x) + B.
The seeds and kernels especially add essential nutrients to the diet, and are available when other foods are scarce [1].
Over the past decade, kernel methods [1] have drawn a lot of attention of researchers in the machine learning community and have been widely applied.
Once known as the Ring Protection Scheme, Windows 10 operates in both User Mode (Ring 3) and Kernel Mode (Ring 0).
Haploid and non-haploid kernels were discriminated with the help of R1 nj gene already present in inducer lines which induce the pigmentation in the seed.