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Now in its seventh year, Truffle Kerfuffle celebrates this successful industry and showcases the best of the region's produce to thousands of people across the festival weekend.
BIT of a kerfuffle this week as Channel 4 had to apologise for a swear word that slipped out in a 6pm Simpsons episode.
Brother and sister duo, Stinkbomb and KetchupFace, inhabitants of the village of Loose Chippings on the island of Great Kerfuffle, are most perturbed when they discover the theft of a 'tenner' from Stinkbomb's piggy bank.
Pearls Falls Fast also features Pastis' own commentary on most of his strips-from their unique inspirations, to the letters-to-the-newspaper kerfuffle they sometimes generated, to his own art errors, and sardonic side thoughts.
And there's usually a kerfuffle (the clue's in the name really).
According to my Oval office source, as lovely as Miss Alamuddin is, her appearance led to a kerfuffle in Washington's political circles.
Fiona said yesterday: "There was a bit of a kerfuffle to get it back.
The move to prohibit press photographers is seen by most observers as a reaction to this year's Super Bowl kerfuffle, when sites such as Gawker and Buzzfeed compiled "unflattering" images of Beyonce's jubilant exertions.
For more InsideCounsel coverage of false advertising suits, read: Charitable donations not allowed in Kellogg false advertising settlement FDCA precludes Lanham Act claims in POM's case against Coca-Cola's juice labeling Sears sued over wet/dry vac Hospital harangues Highmark over false ads Kardashian kerfuffle
The kerfuffle began when Stern's satellite radio show Twitter account claimed the shock jock wasn't sure he'd returning to the show after this, his maiden season.
After a kerfuffle over a waitress called Olivia, he goes to the restroom to clean himself up, and is spotted standing over the blood soaked corpse.
Apple has run into a bit of a legal kerfuffle in China over the rights to the name 'iPad' for its tablets.
The rift between father and son has reportedly been caused by that $7 billion kerfuffle, as the company fights to hold onto its remaining assets, including 510 Madison Avenue.
Jasper & Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle Allen & Unwin, 2010 unpaged $24.
LAST week, you may recall, I said I would address in a bit more detail the "cash for covenant" kerfuffle that seemed to surround word of National Museums Liverpool paying pounds 750,000 to lift a restrictive covenant that would have prohibited the building of the magnificent Museum of Liverpool, now taking shape as part of the 21st-century waterfront.