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a square scarf that is folded into a triangle and worn over the head or about the neck

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All the while the unhappy Altisidora was bewailing herself in the above strain Don Quixote stood staring at her; and without uttering a word in reply to her he turned round to Sancho and said, "Sancho my friend, I conjure thee by the life of thy forefathers tell me the truth; say, hast thou by any chance taken the three kerchiefs and the garters this love-sick maid speaks of?
To this Sancho made answer, "The three kerchiefs I have; but the garters, as much as 'over the hills of Ubeda.
The duke had a mind to keep up the sport, so he said, "It does not seem to me well done in you, sir knight, that after having received the hospitality that has been offered you in this very castle, you should have ventured to carry off even three kerchiefs, not to say my handmaid's garters.
The kerchiefs I will restore, as Sancho says he has them; as to the garters that is impossible, for I have not got them, neither has he; and if your handmaiden here will look in her hiding-places, depend upon it she will find them.
While the trumpets sounded, while the heralds strained their voices in proclaiming honour to the brave and glory to the victor while ladies waved their silken kerchiefs and embroidered veils, and while all ranks joined in a clamorous shout of exultation, the marshals conducted the Disinherited Knight across the lists to the foot of that throne of honour which was occupied by the Lady Rowena.
The kerchief immediately began to flutter wildly, now clinging round the shaft, now suddenly streaming out, stretching and flapping.
He turned his collar down from his ear and listened, but as before only the whistling of the wind could be heard, the flapping and fluttering of the kerchief tied to the shafts, and the pelting of the snow against the woodwork of the sledge.
He felt glad, turned down his coat-collar and listened with strained attention, but in spite of all his efforts nothing could be heard but the wind whistling between the shafts, the flapping of the kerchief, and the snow pelting against the frame of the sledge.
And while awaiting his answer, he replaced the kerchief in his shirt.
And she bound it with the little kerchief, and said, "Now 'twill get well
The cold wind flapped the ends of her kerchief and her loose locks of gray hair.
Seeing her father, Mary left the swing and went to meet him, pushing back the pink kerchief and smiling afar off at him with the involuntary smile of loving pleasure.
The game is not released officially there as the South Korean government does not let Google to use its map but game enthusiasts are now visiting a handful of loophole areas in the north eastern side of the country | People sing a song "Pobre de Mi" while holding candles and red kerchiefs at midnight at the end of nine days of dancing, music and running of the bulls during San Fermin Festival, in Pamplona northern Spain
But as it is, the part-time magician could only pull out kerchiefs that magically turn into red canes or release doves from a parasol, before a transfixed crowd of children amazed at the sight of a military man offering entertainment instead of striking fear in the community.
GulfWeekly caught up with the fashionista while she was visiting family in Bahrain to get the stitch on her trendy turbans, handy headbands, colourful kerchiefs, bright bandanas and her brand Lola Designs.