kerb crawler

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someone who drives slowly along the curb seeking sex from prostitutes or other women

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Plain clothed police were used in a six-month long operation to snare kerb crawlers in Stockton and Middlesbrough's red-light zones.
STATE of the art new CCTV cameras are being used in Hillelds to try and catch out kerb crawlers.
"Our strategy has been quite consistent and clear in that we focus on the kerb crawlers. By doing that we are reducing the demand for women.
Instead of being given a criminal record, 46 kerb crawlers were conditionally cautioned and made to go on a "Change Direction" course to be educated on the negative impacts of the sex industry and its associated problems.
More kerb crawlers coming to Teesside face losing their driving licence under new guidelines being adopted by local magistrates.
The scheme, successfully trialled in Leeds, means that no arrests are made of either sex workers or kerb crawlers between those hours.
Let's hope it discourages the kerb crawlers from returning to use women as paid commodities for their pleasure alone.
South Wales Police launched a crackdown last year in red-light areas of the capital after consistent complaints about kerb crawlers at notorious patches - like the Taff Embankment and Tyndall Street in Butetown.
Police managed to rid the Shiel Road area of Kensington of sex workers and kerb crawlers.
MORE than 400 kerb crawlers have been caught by police swooping in Scotland's red light zones.
Councillor Flo Clucas, who was a driving force on Liverpool's bid for a tolerance zone which has yet to come to fruition, welcomed the fact that police are targeting kerb crawlers rather than girls.
It makes sense to target kerb crawlers and traffickers, help women to escape the business, protect children and boost drug treatment programmes.
An undercover policewoman snared 32 kerb crawlers in one street, a court heard.
And one councillor wants the kerb crawlers named and shamed.
Tayside Chief Inspector David Tonks said they were "actively targeting" kerb crawlers.