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an edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones (usually forming part of a gutter)

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At his trial yesterday, Newport Crown Court heard the kerb mounted by Spiller's Audi A5 had a "chunk taken out of it", and that he could have been travelling at up to 20mph.
The mix up meant workers had to return on a separate day to repair the kerb and then lower the correct pavement - which was outside a neighbour's house.
Since then his family have spent a fortune on the kerb - scattering red in white ornaments around it in memory of Liverpool-mad Marky.
She said: "It is true that the guidelines say you can't park on roads where double yellow lines are marked on the kerb, which is the case on a section of Princess Street.
Dropped kerbs provide a crossing place for wheelchair users and if they are obstructed by parked cars either a wheelchair user cannot cross the road at all or [more dangerously] a blind person crossing the road can collide with a parked car where they expected to find the matching dropped kerb.
In other cases the tyre sidewall can be pinched between the kerb and the wheel and air can leach from the tyre, leading to severe under inflation.
Kwik Kerb offer all the brand name and marketing support benefits associated with a franchise - without the restrictions and fees or royalties that normally apply to franchises.
The stainless steel kerbs that Kemtile install are designed and produced in factory controlled conditions by SAW McBride & Sons specifically for the Food and Drink Industry.
And theywarnedanyonenot using its workmen to put in a dropped kerb faced having their DIY jobs ripped up - and being charged for it.
The first week witnessed decline by 3 paisa in inter-bank rate and 30 paisa in kerb rate (buying).
30: The Daily Mirror contacted the Department of Environment to establish legal status of kerb painting.
Under current legislation, men who kerb crawl can be prosecuted, however, the powers the police have are very limited.
Middlesbrough kerb crawlers will appear in the dock, alongside hookers, in a move intended to increase their public humiliation.
Project Description : Un-serviceable kerb and gutter, the existing brick type kerb and gutter is in a very poor condition this is causing water to pond the broken sections are creating a public safety / trip hazard due to broken and missing kerb bricks.
As their drivers pulled in, their wheel trims or bumpers were being scraped along the kerb.