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hyaline in the large granules of the stratum granulosum

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In our patient, histopathology revealed hyperkeratosis, acanthosis, marked vacuolization of granular and upper spinous layers with coarse keratohyalin granules.
Desquamated cells containing keratohyalin, which is encased within a capsule of well-differentiated stratified squamous epithelium, are formed (1).
In addition, it enhanced the metabolic activity of keratinocytes, increasing the production of keratin by 75% and of keratohyalin by 28%.
The histopathologic examination revealed a cyst decorated with squamous epithelium devoid of keratohyalin granules (Figure 2 A,B).
The keratin filament associated proteins (KFAP) are nonfilamentous, structural proteins that are produced in the keratinocytes of the stratum granulosum of stratified keratinizing and cornifying epithelia and stored in keratohyalin granules.
Profilaggrin is a prominent component of the keratohyalin granule in human epidermis.