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an enlisted person who is assigned to assist the cooks

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Subconjunctival hemorrhage was observed at a significantly higher incidence in Group A, while conjunctival congestion, corneal swelling, whole corneal staining (incision site excluded), keratic precipitates, and anterior chamber flare showed no statistically significant difference between the two groups (Table 3).
For keratic precipitates, central guttata The specular endothelial reflection provides a gross estimate of the endothelium in terms of cell density, pleomorphism and presence of guttata.
The diagnosis is right eye endophthalmitis sustained by anterior uveitis: keratic precipitates, hypopyon, fibrinous exudate and posterior uveitis: vitreous haze, choroidal edema.
Slit lamp biomicroscopic examination of both eyes revealed keratic precipitates (KP), severe inflammatory reaction in anterior chamber and vitreous humour (cellular reaction +3), posterior synechiae and opacities in the inferior part of vitreous.
Granulomatous keratic precipitates and +1 Tyndall effect were detected in both eyes in anterior segment examination.
Examine for presence of endothelial pigmentary deposits (pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS)), keratic precipitates (hypertensive uveitis), or red blood cells (traumatic or neovascular)
Fine, discrete, round, white keratic precipitates (KP) are characteristic of the disease and may be found on the trabecular meshwork on gonioscopy.
The anterior chamber still showed moderate inflammation although most of the keratic precipitates had resolved.
Slit lamp examination of the left eye showed diffuse blood vessel injection, mild corneal edema with fine inferior keratic precipitates, fibrin reaction, and leukocytes in the anterior chamber without hypopyon (Figure 1).