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Yes, I live in a lovely house and that's down to Gary, but I'm not a kept woman.
The manuscript of this never-published novel is mentioned a number of times in About My Life and the Kept Woman, Rechy's memoir of his childhood in El Paso and his early years as a writer.
But later as a kept woman, she is every bit the elegant European (a Sophia Loren, with hair cut shorter and sunglasses).
Mary-Mathilda, a descendant of slaves, a mulatto child who becomes the kept woman of the manager of the sugar plantation that dominates the villagers' lives and the mother of his only male heir, is the synthesis of the harsh injustices heaped upon her race.
Here again was a role that fit her like a glove and one in which she was, once more, to impress us with the clarity of her character interpretation--from the sweet and not-really-so-innocent convent-bound young girl (her sparkling eyes told you that she'd already discovered something about her sexual attractiveness by the time she stepped down from the coach) to the seductive voluptuousness of a richly kept woman, to Manon's final degradation.
Its success was followed up with Loose Ladies (1929), Kept Woman (1929), Women Live Too Long (1932), and The Marriage Racket (1933)-books considered rather sensational and even censorable in their time.
Along the docks, Gimpty (Tom Everett Scott), a crippled architect, is trying to coax a kept woman (Sarah Hudnut) into giving up her life of privilege and cashing in with him.
CAMILLA might be a kept woman (Daily Mirror, July 1) but I don't think Prince Charles should be allowed to marry her.