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(Scottish folklore) water spirit in the form of a horse that likes to drown its riders

an Australian sheepdog with pointed ears

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Upon arriving to music from a pipe band at the 30-metre-high landmarks, the royal couple met Kelpies sculptor Andy Scott.
Scott added: "It beggars belief that permission was ever given for this eyesore within The Kelpies site in the first place.
We found a red Kelpie in Virginia, but he was dog-reactive, and I really needed a dog who could potentially help with modifying the behavior of other reactive dogs, since one of our dogs has already earned senior-retirement, and the other two may not be far behind.
Mr Ryan, who was joined in Casterton by Member for Lowan Hugh Delahunty and The Nationals candidate for Lowan Emma Kealy, said the study would identify the benefits of developing the Casterton Kelpie Interpretive Centre.
Pampered: Revel, the Kelpie rescue dog with his new owners Nigel and Nicky Bell and daughter Mia, aged nine.
Mine is an Australian working kelpie - the dogs they use in Australia to work the sheep farms.
The North Wales Kelpie Group has eight enthusiasts, all keen to advance the cause of a working dog that has a growing following as farms expand and labour becomes scarcer.
Kelpie is clearly on the upgrade and she is taken to follow up in the Bet Direct On 0800 32 93 93 Stakes.
40, set of two, Mini Boden Marley wears Rayan Hiker brown leather boots, PS40-PS44, Clarks, sizes 7-51/2; knitted hoodie, PS20, River Island; blue belted jeans, PS18, Mini Boden Matilda wears Kelpie Splash black leather boots, PS48-52, Clarks, children's sizes 7-4; cream jumper, PS8, F&F@Tesco; pink knit hat and gloves set, PS22, Mini Boden; blue polka dot leggings, PS18, Benetton.
Yesterday'shi ghlights vvIf punters needed any more evidence that a big drift is not necessarily anything to worry about they should look to Eager To Bow and Kelpie Blitz at Brighton.
Kelpie is clearly on the upgrade and she is napped to follow up in the Bet Direct On 0800 32 93 93 Stakes.
However, the day's best bet can be found at Lingfield in the shape of Kelpie.
Kelpie, a ninth-generation descendant from the Queen's first corgi, had to be put down last Tuesday at Windsor Castle.
Kelpie, like the Queen's three other corgis - Pharos, Swift and Emma - was descended from a corgi called Susan, who was given to her when she turned 18.
There she meets Finn, a kelpie, whom she soon realises she has feelings for.