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Synonyms for keg

Synonyms for keg

the quantity contained in a keg


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small cask or barrel

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Verdina: We have found that there are only minor differences between kegged wines and wines from a bottle, primarily in aroma.
White wines do not show as many sensory differences, although kegged white wines are guaranteed to always be at a consistent temperature because the kegs are stored in refrigerators with temperature controls.
We have not found any noticeable changes in chemistry between kegged wines and bottled wines.
Several companies now specialize in amassing winery clients and offering complete portfolios of kegged wines.
Schneider has seen an increased interest in both local and kegged wines.
Founder/president Michael Ouellette says the chance of getting a corked bottle is eliminated with kegged wines.
If a small winery ever hopes to be by the glass in the dystopian future dominated by kegged wine, it will have to relegate portions of its production to kegs--leading to lowered revenues, higher yields, lower expectations of quality--no?