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Synonyms for keeping

in keeping with


  • in agreement with
  • consistent with
  • in harmony with
  • in accord with
  • in compliance with
  • in conformity with
  • in balance with
  • in correspondence with
  • in proportion with
  • in congruity with
  • in observance with

Synonyms for keeping

Synonyms for keeping

conformity or harmony

the responsibility of a guardian or keeper

the act of retaining something

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Nine counselors reported keeping their records until the student leaves the school; 2 reported keeping their notes forever.
Aside from keeping UI rates low, good documentation practices help prevent fraud.
Keeping customers happy isn't always an easy job, but it can be less difficult if you keep a cheerful, can-do demeanor and treat them as you would treat yourself.
The greatest error people make with their homeowners insurance is not keeping it up to date," says Salvatore.
Keeping a personal journal is a very private experience.
To his credit, Smiley uses the heartfelt stories of ordinary people to make his point that keeping the faith is what has allowed African-Americans to overcome hardship and tragedy, hence the book's title.
In the early years of our marriage, my husband and I reinstated the keeping of Lent in our adult lives by giving up going out to eat.
Remove from the heat, season, and set aside keeping warm.
Not only is De Beers concerned with keeping the communication flowing, but they also try to hire from the community as often as possible, Fraser says.
But some members of the Fed still are overly focused on inflation and keeping a tight hand on money and credit.
Maintaining signature-images for verification purposes isn't exactly new, but some transport and package delivery companies are now taking and keeping signature-images as proof of acceptance upon receipt.
As one model, he is using the residential Mitchell-Lama program, which helped finance the development of middle income housing while keeping rents low.
The accord also recognizes that although general approaches to record keeping can be established internationally, there are laws, policies, standards ,and practices which will continue to vary from country to country.
The first deals with the duty of keeping a journal, the next with the content of the journal, the third with uses of the journal and the final with benefits of diary-keeping.