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And in the United States, where restaurants keep regular hours and most of the population does not fast, Leena El-Ali, Director of Muslim-Western Relations and Middle East and North Africa Programs, reflects, "It's a funny thing, this idea that many 'back home' have of how hard it must be for me to participate in Ramadan while living in the diaspora, in Washington and, in years past, London (rather than Lebanon).
For now, all other stores will stay open and keep regular hours.
At locations large enough to keep regular hours, the tastings flow freely.
Besides getting the patients to keep regular hours, the goal is to help bipolar patients keep regular hours and include enough stimulus in their lives to avoid a slump into low-grade depression, while allowing for adequate sleep, she said.
The move allows him to keep regular hours so that he can be home with his wife and new baby, as well as pursue an M.