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If you criticise me personally it is not a problem for me but if you make comments which affect my state I will not keep quiet.
However, the PTI leader said the party will not keep quiet.
She was told to keep quiet because of family honour.
A 10-year-old boy was allegedly beaten with a plastic pipe because he wouldn't keep quiet in class.
He also slammed BJP and said that Congress will not keep quiet on this issue.
He will speak when I ask him to speak, and keep quiet when I ask him to keep quiet".
Well, he was ordered to keep quiet, he didn't, but he's not in trouble.
After Greek authorities decided to keep quiet and the Macedonian prime minister dismissed as speculations reports in Macedonian media concerning mediator Nimetz's latest proposal, BDI leader Ali Ahmeti said 'Upper Republic of Macedonia' was the last proposal that needs to be discussed.
Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has hit a new level of fame since she started dating rapper Professor Green, but she has now decided to keep quiet about their relationship.
During the Second World War, there were many who chose to remain silent as Hitler went about his dastardly deeds: There was the Protestant church, the Roman Catholic church, and so many groups of men and women who chose to keep quiet.
It is the only authorized to prevent these incidents and should not keep quiet while only one week ago, the fur coats of Madame Pepi were the only thing the police talked about.
Why doesn't Holley keep quiet until the issue has been decided?
The Lib/Lab/Con politicians keep quiet about just how much of what goes on in Britain these days is due to the orders of our real government in Brussels.
Cain later demands a bribe from the millionaire in return for keeping quiet about his continued meetings with Faye - so Mark agrees to give him a one-off payment to keep quiet.