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Synonyms for option



Synonyms for option

the act of choosing

the power or right of choosing

Synonyms for option

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He has not nominated for this year, but is very keen to keep options open," said Michael Clarke's manager Clarke, Australia's Twenty20 captain, again opted out of the IPL but his manager Chris White.
We will keep her for next year and keep options open - she could run here, in Italy or elsewhere abroad.
Mr Marrow said the "speculative sale advertisements" were simply a means for the investor who owns the boats to keep options open.
Iran's action is likely to increase its isolation and alienate Western nations that have been trying to keep options open with Tehran despite its crackdown on protesters.
The Chelan Douglas Land Trust began to ac quire land in the Wenatchee Foothills in 2000 in an effort to protect key environmental and recreational sites and to keep options open for the future.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday expressed doubt that rival Palestinian factions will reach a deal on a unity government, but wanted to keep options open if they do.
The International at York would be one such race but we will keep options open.
McGuire, whose contract expires next summer, is keeping an open mind about returning to the Pars, and will seek to keep options open for now.
The AIF decision to keep Hashemi as vice-president suggests it wants to keep options open.
The group's decision to keep Hashemi as vice-president suggests it wants to keep options open.
We will see how he progresses - it is early days yet so we will keep options open.