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maintain in the forefront of one's awareness

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Farloe Verdict, eliminated from the event when only fifth behind Prince Toff, is another to keep note of for the future, especially when she is stepped up in trip.
Rural communities in particular will benefit from the new equipment and families are being encouraged to keep note of the map grid reference for their homes so they can use it if they need to call an ambulance.
It also allows users to: Record the GPS location of weeds; Keep notes and a log of control activities; Phone or email regional NRM officers to report weeds; Take photos to include in weed notifications and requests for advice.
You can keep notes on the winery and rate the wineries as well.
I now have separate Keep notes for all of this, including 'work tasks to do', 'apps to try' and 'articles to read'.
GEMINI May 21- June 21 A gadget or machine may let you down when you need it the most, keep notes on paper handy.
They will also be able to rate their beer samples, keep notes on those samples, share their opinions directly with vendors and share their reviews with the world via social media.
Keep notes and use an inventory list to help adjusters assess the damage.
You also may want to track your newborn's feeding sessions and keep notes on the details of the baby's birth and first few days.
It has been one of the most wanted features, and finally, it has arrived with real-time collaboration on Keep notes.
Foreign Affairs Secretary: Someone to keep notes on the after-hours shenanigans of our Secret Service agents abroad.
If you are going to keep notes do it in this superstylish Smysthson "Make It Happen" Panama notebook.
The Garden Planner software has helped me implement crop rotations from year to year, as well as keep notes on which varieties are productive, hardy and delicious.
Secretary Jayasundara added: "I keep notes for my post retirement writing.