keep mum

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refuse to talk or stop talking

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The Keep Mum spokeswoman added: "There are general comments in the plan about advanced nurse practitioners, physician associates and prescribing pharmacists we were told about as far back as August 2018.
And keep mum.' And off the four of us would dart into safe corners of the house to nibble away at our 'dessert' while mum went back into the kitchen to get the dinner started.
"If those who claim to be supporters of human rights don't keep mum on such crimes, we won't witness their repetition every day, but unfortunately, we have been witnessing their silence on the crimes committed by the international criminals throughout the past decades and century," Yonatan Betkelia told FNA on Monday.
Modest Cai said: "I knew what to do and that I had to keep mum calm.
KEEP mum cosy at Christmas in this red fleece hoody, pounds 14, and brush cotton pyjama bottoms, left, pounds 15, from Next.
And while they might prefer to keep mum about it, their latest tweet exchange gave them away.
Google's disclosure of a cyber-attack in December from China goes against the trend among private-sector companies to keep mum about such incidents.
THIS Mother's Day keep mum smelling good enough to eat with Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion by Lush, pounds 10.50.
Angelina Jolie might like to keep mum about her pregnancies for as long as possible, but there's no hiding THAT bump.
it's worth it to keep mum. And as long as the players stay quiet, coaches and league officials likely will do the same."
Hopefully, the boys will be able to keep mum and dad apart.
Regulators receiving the information, however, would have to sign a pledge to keep mum.
'We just keep mum, we don't do anything, that's why we became the laughing stock of other countries,' the prelate lamented.
[U.S.A], November 13 (ANI): While the cast members that star in a big franchise are said to keep mum about all the things that could spoil the movie, actor Adam Driver, who portrays the role of Kylo Ren in 'Star Wars' franchiser, has not been told to keep quiet about the secrets of 'The Last Jedi'.