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watch over so as to protect

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But she added that truck drivers were assigned a new parking lot and watchmen hired to keep guard.
All the staff members, a section of community members and elders from Watamu armed themselves with rungus, stones, and bows and arrows to keep guard at the entrance of the hotel.
Police officers keep guard at Downing Street in London, in this Dec.
If we can no longer keep guard, we will soon no longer be able to breathe anyway.
Instead of deploying the cops in the security of general masses, the state government was deploying them to keep guard on trees, he alleged.
I'm sure, if asked, that Randolph himself may feel that he could have done better with the strike, but some of the complainants may want to ask themselves who else they would prefer to keep guard of Blues' goal?
He said PNP chief Director General Alan Purisima ordered the chiefs of police of all cities in Metro Manila to deploy appropriate number of policemen to keep guard on the political rallies of rival local candidates.
PAKISTANI government secret service officers have been assigned to keep guard of Malala Yousafzai after the teenage activist attended her first day of school in Birmingham last week.
SCENE 3 Police keep guard outside home where dead man had been partying before collapsing in street
I was told that there was no bathroom for women at the camp and whenever they took a bath inside the camp, children would keep guard and stop men from entering there," the Daily Times quoted, Akmal, as saying.
LRA soldiers keep guard at the assembly point in Ri-Kwangba on the Sudan-Congo border, Western Equatoria, April 10, 2008.