keep going

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suffice for a period between two points

be a regular customer or client of

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"If I'm doing the job for the team and it's the right thing for me I will keep going. I'll know the day when the legs have gone.
We just got to keep going day by day at this point.'
Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad shares keys to understanding not just life challenges, but responses to them, and tells how to achieve a better balance that encourages creative, positive responses.
Welsh runner in the London Marathon among those called 'fat' and 'slow' by stewards KERRIE Aldridge, to keep going in those conditions is phenomenal.
It's been up and down for us, but we will keep going, keep working hard in training.
"We can keep going and keep going as we know that we have got quality in our group, at some stage we believe that, that quality is going to come to fruition, we are really pleased that it did and we are delighted to see that we got the winner.
"Everybody was disappointed at half-time but we said to each other we have to keep going and fight more and more and show it to the fans and fo Pst the second half and we got that good feeling back.
"I just usually say 'keep at it - keep going, mate'.
'Keep going, Lucy, keep going,' he'd said as she'd thrashed across the pool, gulping down chlorinated water.
"No matter what happens, [make it] loud, fast and keep going.
"You have to keep going. The goal of achieving Premier League safety is done, but you have to keep going until the end.
SERENA Williams has revealed preparing for her return to tennis following the birth of her first child has been difficult and that she still has doubts about how she can "keep going".
The Strictly star, 29, said: "That's the advice she gave me before she passed - just to keep going.
Strictly star Alex said: "That's the advice she gave me before she passed, just to keep going.