keep company

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Synonyms for keep company

be a companion to somebody

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said Nicholas; 'I am not a one to keep company at all--here at all events.
Comment: Sale arranged by administrators as move to keep company solvent
Eric Rowan once said of his work: "Grainger creates a world of the imagination; a world in which ivory towers mingle with hot dogs; where the ideas of Breughel and Schongauer keep company with the tracks of snails and slugs; and in which medieval machines are contrasted with letters to a friend.
The idea is to help keep company costs down and benefit the environment.
Brittle carapaces of beetles to keep company the human husk.
The trader, from Derryvale Road, also failed to keep company funds and other money separate between December 2001 and February 2003 or file returns with the register of companies.
SVEN Goran Eriksson, we are told, has ditched his flamboyant mistress, Nancy of the red catsuit, foil dresses and wayward hair, to keep company with both an old flame and a woman reputedly younger than his daughter.