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secure and keep for possible future use or application

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QC Across 7 Pertaining to race (6) 8 Person aided by a caddie (6) 10 Animal at Ascot (9) 11 Holiday company agent (3) 12 Melted away (9) 14 Inward seashore curve (3) 15 Work, take effect (3) 16 Ticket there and back (3,6) 18 Antique (3) 20 Controlled, reined (9) 21 Cooking formula (6) 22 Spiritualist meeting (6) 1 Down 7 10 12 1 Brought up, raised (6) 2 Heavy, burly (8) 3 Keep back, refuse to give (8) 4 Comedian's gag (4) 5 Long way off (4) 6 Give money up front (6) 9 Burial ground (9) 13 Became more profound (8) 14 Making (the skin) black and blue (8) 15 On a ship or plane (6) 17 ___ off, dozed (6) 19 Ships' loading area (4) 20 Wish, expectation (4) 15 18
Some high street stores have already started offering discounts of 50% to 70%, which they usually keep back for later in the sale period, the Financial Times reported.
Buy a tried-and-tested variety such as Solent Wight instead and if in future you want to save money, keep back some of the best bulbs and plant the largest cloves.
She said: 'I have always enjoyed keeping active and I'm aware that it's a great way to keep back pain at bay.'
* Keep back and wrist posture in neutral position when keyboarding;
A spokesman for Coventry City Council insisted this was normal practice, saying: "It is a retention from the construction work which means you keep back some of the money for 12 months until you are satisfied that everything it should be.
Palestinian police yesterday fired in the air to keep back hundreds of Palestinians, including a few dozen masked gunmen, who were marching toward southern Gaza's Gush Katif settlements in celebration of the impending withdrawal
Police fired wildly into the air to keep back the surging crowd at the Ramallah compound, known as the Muqata, where Arafat spent his last years as a virtual prisoner.
Be sure to keep back and well-protected anything that would allow competitors to hurt you badly, regardless of whether or not you are operating or selling in China.