keep back

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secure and keep for possible future use or application

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Palestinian police yesterday fired in the air to keep back hundreds of Palestinians, including a few dozen masked gunmen, who were marching toward southern Gaza's Gush Katif settlements in celebration of the impending withdrawal
Police fired wildly into the air to keep back the surging crowd at the Ramallah compound, known as the Muqata, where Arafat spent his last years as a virtual prisoner.
Be sure to keep back and well-protected anything that would allow competitors to hurt you badly, regardless of whether or not you are operating or selling in China.
This means it is unacceptable for any processor to keep back any of this money for themselves.
Geers constructed a labyrinth with screens surmounted by razor wire, which is said to be a particularly effective human deterrent: In South Africa it was used to defend property and fortify prisons against those who wished to exit the "labyrinth," while normal twisted barbed wire, being less "persuasive," was used to keep back animals.
The system can also keep back certain attachments such as executable files.
Many branches keep back issues of the Daily News either in hard copy or on microfilm and may be able to assist you.
These are pages damp with women's crying and weeping and sobbing and turning away to hide the tears they can't keep back any longer -- over rejections from their daughters or mothers, their misspent pasts, their renounced addictions, and the loss of their men.
Surely, goes the argument, it would make sense to keep back less and spend more.
Keep back straight, outstretch arms towards floor then pull arms wide and back, squeezing the shoulder blades together, release and start again.