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Synonyms for keen-sighted

capable of seeing to a great distance

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Others, more keen-sighted, winked at the too frequent presentation on washing-days, and at impromptu suppers, of superior spiced-beef, which flattered their palates more than the cold remnants they had formerly been contented with.
He had his eyes open always to my main chance, and he was both keen-sighted and far-sighted.
While indisputably keen-sighted, the entries that rely too heavily on Lovecraft's letters and essays show their age and lack the critical energy of Mariconda's more unrestrained efforts.
There is value even in the stalled projects in Dubai and Saudi, which present a niche market for a keen-sighted supplier.
Thanks to the astute eyes of six centuries of scholars and collectors, they prepared a keen-sighted selection of perfect pots allowing Dorothy Braude Edinburg's keen insight to aid her in making her choice of 'cabinet pieces', hence, distinguishing her collection.
Next comes a 10-pound fluorocarbon leader, which seals the deal with keen-sighted trout and salmon.
Though this may be alright (sic) from a sanitary point of view, I think the practice should be discontinued as it is possible they might attract the attention of keen-sighted enemy airmen.
Perhaps most typical is Dirk Delabastita's contribution, 'More Alternative Shakespeares'; it is 'trenchant, challenging and somewhat chastening', as Stanley Wells says in his generous and keen-sighted foreword, where he also speaks of the 'absorption of Shakespeare into the bloodstream of European civilization' (p.