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having keen eyesight


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New Delhi [India], Nov 12 ( ANI ): Under the keen-eyed veteran batsman Rahul Dravid, India A will look forward to adapt to the Australian pitch conditions when the team will play three One-Day Internationals and three Tests against New Zealand, beginning from November 16.
Some keen-eyed Whispers readers may have noticed that work is being done on space in the Shops in The Heights strip center in the 5500 block of Little Rock's Kavanaugh Boulevard.
However, the keen-eyed among you will have noticed I've not included the post-2002 version of Basil in the dates above, the reason being he's no longer the same old fox I remember so fondly - looking too plumply well-stuffed and re-felted to maintain that old-school charm.
It was handed to police after a keen-eyed member of the public found it inside a plastic bag outside a shop in Bury Street, Abingdon, on Monday.
He was caught out when the card was declined and keen-eyed staff spotted that it was a fake.
The staff at Allen Press, from John Aamot (Director of Business Development) and Justin Roberts (our Account Manager) right down to the keen-eyed pressmen, have been consistently quality-oriented and highly competent.
But the scam was uncovered when a keen-eyed customer raised concerns about Grant's behaviour during the games.
But they were caught after keen-eyed neighbours grew suspicious about the men loading up the truck.
THE world's smallest snake has been discovered by a keen-eyed biologist.
After a hard climb and keen-eyed searching, one could be rewarded, if lucky, with thrupence for a pint of the tiny berries (known locally as winberries) and which seem no different in appearance, taste or texture from the blueberries which nowadays cost a couple of quid for a fistful.
Keen-eyed May-watchers spotted instantly that the Kate Kuba three-inch stilettos with a small bow were not the same as the ones she sported in Bournemouth two years ago.
Keen-eyed employees have raised pounds 1,000 for charity by spotting workplace dangers.
A caustic, keen-eyed, and highly recommended "must-read" for anyone seeking to understand what is really going on underneath recent American rhetoric.
Yet keen-eyed study has, on occasion, dashed many previous claims of asexuality.
Naipaul seems to do most of his traveling alone; and he rarely meets anyone who shares his keen-eyed, unsparing, monumental pessimism.