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a longitudinal beam connected to the keel of ship to strengthen it

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8220;On behalf of Keelson Harbour and Vista Prairie Communities, I am thrilled to welcome Jean Greeley as the new Executive Director,” said Morris Knopf, president of Vista Prairie Communities.
Keelson Partners started its Christmas tree insurance program nearly 20 years in conjunction with Great Northern Insurance Co.
e Any AEstival said sAYs lEt hEAd kEElson hEIfer LEICEster lEOpard objET & objETS [d'art] rEYnard friend fOEtid bury gUEss *nth
Keelson, well-suited by the ground which worsened later in the day following a couple of heavy showers, scored a 20-length win in the two-mile handicap chase.
Once most of the side pieces are sewn in place, the stem-pieces and keelson are added, and the final pieces of bark are sewn.
The hull is nearly two feet thick, and constructed in three layers: The outer frame of white oak, laid horizontally from bow to stern, ranges from 4 1/2 to seven inches thick; the inner frame of live oak, laid vertically from keelson to bulwark, ranges from eight to 18 inches thick; and the inside frame, laid horizontally, of Douglas-fir 4 1/2 to seven inches thick, and white oak approximately 4 1/2 inches thick.
JBWs 20-metre one-piece keelson was formed from a single hardwood tree sourced from near Innisfail in North Queensland, which required a special license to obtain.
12-1 chance Keelson kicked off a fine afternoon for County Wexford permit-holder Pat Heffernan and promising 7lb claimer Kieran Kelly by winning the Nenagh Handicap Chase after Sea Fisher had exited at the last.