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a dish of rice and hard-boiled eggs and cooked flaked fish

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It was essentially crispy balls of spicy kedgeree, cooling yoghurt and a delicious sauce.
I eventually ordered the pie of the day with mash and veg (PS9) while my friend chose the kedgeree with smoked haddock (PS11).
So on with today's recipe – a fantastic kedgeree, the perfect thing to get you started on Christmas morning, along with a glass of Champagne, bucks fizz or maybe even a Bloody Mary (check the panel for my delicious recipe).
They might not be able to knock up a kedgeree breakfast at the drop of a hat, but you don't get to be this successful without being competitive.
In the past, the perfect British gentleman sported a moustache, wore a white tie with pride, ate Kedgeree for breakfast and was never seen without a cigarette in his mouth.
The children were served rice kedgeree at the Jamhoor High School between 10.
One even gave up her But a simple kedgeree recipe proved the undoing of many.
Given that it was a five-part series, I can sort of understand why Jamie dealt with just one or two aspects of Christmas dinner in each episode, but it was infuriating to see him move straight on from the turkey and gravy to the leftovers and then mysteriously to pancakes, beef carpaccio with squash, ham and eggs and kedgeree (no me either).
Look forward to tucking into new breakfast options such as Kedgeree -- a popular Anglo-Indian dish that features smoked haddock flakes in mildly curried rice with chunks of soft-boiled egg -- and the Spanish-style Merguez, Potato and Feta Omelette.
When emperor Hadrian devised a new dish, a 4-flavour kedgeree, he had to come up with a new word for it, "Tetrapharmacum".
Then, we would have kedgeree or scrambled egg and smoked salmon.
Anglo-Indian cooking at best did achieve a cultural balance and resulted in the classical dishes of curry-Tamil-kari meaning sauce; mulligatawny, Tamilmilagu and tunni-pepper water; kedgeree and oddly, worcester sauce, despite its name, Indian.
That said, I did have a whole fillet of peat-smoked haddock left over from a Wild Fig event and immediately I was reminded of an old favourite, kedgeree - a classic dish, thought to have been created in the 1800s in the time of the British Raj for Scottish troops.