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a toy wind instrument that has a membrane that makes a sound when you hum into the mouthpiece

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By this time we had more trainers: Jimmy Mac (whose youngest daughter probably still has nightmares about frilly knickers!); Dave Thomas, who both helped train the kazoo section; and Andrew Butcher, who taught the drum corps and introduced us to the drumming sounds of the Royal Marines.
Tonight's headliners on the Daily Record-sponsored Solus Tent are The Kazoo Funk Orchestra, whom Chay heard on cult independent internet radio station Old Jock Radio.
FUNNY - Tony Jameson and Liam Frost LINE-UP - clockwise from top, Bob Douglass, Laura Kirby, Banjo and Kazoo, Honest Thief
And on Friday and Saturday St John's Gardens will be transformed into King Kazoo's dream party, featuring circus skills, tightrope acts and puppet shows.
Using strictly acoustic instruments such as ukulele, washboard, kazoo, mandolin and resophonic guitars, Max and Veronica's Max and Veronica passionate interpretation of American popular music from the early years of the last century has won them acclaim worldwide.
This year audiences can expect to hear the classic bottle band instruments violin and kazoo, as well as oboe, flute, trumpet and a few more surprises.
Brooklyn, NY, May 18, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Kazoo magazine, an award-winning girls magazine, saves the planet with "The Great Green Issue," coming summer 2019.
FLYING RACING POST GREYHOUND TV SLANEYSIDE KAZOO, whose last six victories have come in top grade, has to be worth a serious interest in Sunderland's A2 over 450m at 6.39 after catching the eye on his return last week.
FIFTY young people in Kirkby were getting ready for Kazoo season.
A PENSIONER has been banned from a shopping centre after sneaking up on girls and blowing a kazoo in their ear.
The concerned mum said: "I was walking round Braehead with my 15-year-old daughter when she told me someone had quietly blown a kazoo in her ear.
Aside from handling bass guitar, Cole also mans the keyboards, plays the kazoo for 'Jinx,' and does the rap solo for the trippy Smash Mouth-sounding track 'Blown.' Is there anything this guy can't do?
Kelly and Kelvin are a cover version duo with a huge following who play songs using a double bass, guitar and kazoo.
A strange sound is set to be heard on the Great Wall of China - Cat Harvey playing 500 Miles on a kazoo.