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a very large indefinite number (usually hyperbole)

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And, the sender should keep tabs on whether or not the writer or writers have written about the winery's wines over the past kazillion years.
Being the patriotic person that I am, I simply had to drag myself down to the Rose Bowl along with a kazillion other women to cheer on the USA soccer team in the Women's World Cup.
According to Stepp, program officials will see what the seeker sees in real time "and pull off just a points...loads of information from this thing, not the least of which is a camera that points to where the seeker is slewed with a reticule that shows exactly where the seeker is tracking."
Ask yourself this question: How will I improve my bottom line if my employees get information from the Internet at the rate of 4 kazillion gigabytes per second or 1 jillion gigabytes per second?
On that basis, New York can support a kazillion outlets.
"Barium sulfate has been around for a kazillion years and I haven't seen any evidence of its presenting a hazard," argues Reed's Jay Lindstrom, project manager at the company's Albion, Mich., research center.
"As always, there are a kazillion new items," says Marge Filpi, health and beauty aids buyer/merchandiser for Central Grocers Cooperative in Franklin Park, Ill.
Speaking of which, I finally got my kazillion pumpkins, leaves, and such, unpacked and the house looks like fall.
And suppose some hacker gets into the works and decides to ship 50 kazillion comforter sets to Kmart store #803 in Ottumwa, Iowa?
Look around Wheaton and it seems there are a million places -- no, a kazillion places!
He'd been some official in the first Clinton administration, and now he'd accepted an endowed chair in our poly sci department, because out here in the middle of nowhere they would pay him kazillions of dollars and he could hide from the Scorned Woman.
"Money to the kazillions is driving this deal," says Nancy Wolf, a New York City environmentalist instrumental in crafting common ground for the City.