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disagreeable aftereffects from the use of drugs (especially alcohol)

loud confused noise from many sources

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Hogan's Alley, The Katzenjammer Kids, Little Nemo in Slumberland, and The Kin-der-Kids all contain young people as protagonists.
Refreshingly lacking in pretension, Rockland could and should make the Katzenjammer girls rich and famous outside their native Norway.
KATZENJAMMER, ROCKLAND KATZENJAMMER are an all-female quartet from Oslo and Rockland is a joyous and uplifting record.
Katzenjammer IT'D be so easy to write Katzenjammer off as twee, B*witched that can play their own guitars.
(4) This marker lives on even when it is incorporated in much lighter secular graphics, comic-strip characters such as Batman's adversary The Joker, the Katzenjammer Kids, and Dilbert's corporate manager, identified only as the "Pointy-Haired Boss," and his behorned demon brother "Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light." Noble beasts likewise continued to emblematize the Russian state after the Muscovite period.
Next year's guests include The Proclaimers, Fish, Dar Ar Bras, Rory Gallagher's former backing musicians Band Of Friends, Norwegian female quartet Katzenjammer, P J Wright's new band Trad Arr and - a first for Cropredy - Toyah Willcox.
In 1897, ''The Katzenjammer Kids,'' the pioneering comic strip created by Rudolph Dirks, made its debut in the New York Journal.
In a transformatory pastiche, the innocent anarchism of these cartoon heroes turns into 21st-century terror and violence, as the 19th century 'Katzenjammer Kids' run in fear with the burning towers on their heads, or their 'Uncle Screwloose' emerges as a vengeful caricature of US militarism fighting the 'Iraknid' bug (Spiegelman 2004: panel 5).
The first team was called the Katzenjammer Kids from the cartoon at that time.
There are token examples of the aforementioned artists here--check out McCay's Dream of the Rarebit Fiend on page 141, showing a fretful old maid with ever-multiplying men's soled feet piling up under her bed as if they escaped from a late Guston painting!--but there are also revelatory pages from the less-gentrified alleyways of the first Sunday funnies: the raucous vaudeville of Happy Hooligan and The Katzenjammer Kids, to be sure, and a mayhem-filled Kelly's Kindergarten by R.
Ike Golovitch, a character apparently meant to suggest the authoritarian behavior of the average German in those days, but whom Jones makes speak in the diction and syntax of a Katzenjammer Yoda.
In his section on the ludicrous anti-German hatred that enveloped America in 1917, for instance--the city of Pittsburgh banned Beethoven--he reproduces a fascinating strip from the comic Katzenjammer Kids, in which the title characters tell a judge that they are actually Dutch: "Chudge, ve vant our dod-gasted name changed!
The app includes all of King's comics features as wells as an assortment of vintage strips, such as "Beetle Bailey" and "The Katzenjammer Kids."