katabatic wind

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a wind caused by the downward motion of cold air

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The line chosen to study the wind dynamics of the katabatic wind is between the Randa peak and the airport, which is found at the center of the basin (Fig.
Holistic in approach in conception, the aerodynamic shape is designed to withstand the strong Katabatic winds and is built in concentric layers with the living, sleeping, kitchen, and laundry space around a central core that holds essential components.
Today a latent poetry echoes in the names we use to distinguish foehn winds from gravity airflows and Katabatic winds from the Khamsin.
Typical causes of death include crashing into each other or cliffs during heavy fog, being slammed into the ocean by Katabatic winds or, perhaps most grizzly of all, dying from a combination of heat stress and blood loss due to mosquito attacks.
Thanks to katabatic winds at Patriot Hills, our flights have been delayed, which gives me hope that my bags will get to me in time," he said.
Katabatic winds, created by variation in air-mass temperatures, are found in places like the upper Matanuska Valley and near Seward and Juneau.
These features include extensive loess deposits (now supporting the farming industry in large areas of the Mississippi basin) transported by ferocious katabatic winds that formed as air flowed off the cold surfaces of glaciers, river valleys carved by water surging from glacial lakes (Lake Agassiz, Lake Duluth, etc.
Glacier and katabatic winds characterized the meso-scale circulation between storm periods.
It was the first time all five regional ensembles, Young Sinfonia, Folkestra, Jambone, Katabatic Winds and Quay voices, had played together.
Powerful katabatic winds arrived without warning to shatter the calm.
Katabatic winds blew the aerosol cloud over 50, 100, 200, and 400 sampling arcs.
A cold breeze streams from the glaciers, an echo of katabatic winds that howled when ice held sway.
NYSE: TXT) company, announced today that its Aerosonde small unmanned aircraft and air crew participated in a six-week University of Colorado exploration of the cold, rough katabatic winds present on the coast of Antarctica.
Katabatic winds (radiatively cooled air descending along local slopes) are the most probable cause for this behaviour.