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the appearance of the chromosomal makeup of a somatic cell in an individual or species (including the number and arrangement and size and structure of the chromosomes)

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The demographic characteristics, associated extracardiac findings, gestational weeks at diagnosis, karyotype and outcomes of the fetuses are shown in Table 1.
Sixty-six archived DNA samples consecutively collected between November 2007 and April 2010 met the inclusion criteria of pathological USG findings (at least one major anomaly diagnosed by an experinced perinatologist), as well as a normal karyotype (500 bands at minimum) and normal Multiprobe T-FISH (Cytocell) analysis.
75% newborn babies and 75% children one month to one-year age had an abnormal karyotype. Among the 53 children studied, 73.58% had an abnormal karyotype.
(5) sSMCs can additionally be present in a karyotype of 46 normal chromosomes, in a numerically abnormal karyotype (e.g.
In the rare circumstance in which neither one of the parents is a balanced translocation carrier, there are commercially available FISH probes for the 22q11.2 deletion and also for the telomere of 11q which can identify the supernumerary chromosome in the karyotype as being derived from chromosomes 11 and 22.
Four karyotypes viz, normal male (46XY), normal female (46XX), a Down syndrome (47 XY+21) and a Turner Syndrome (45XO) have been presented in Figure-2.
NPM1 mutations are associated with a favorable prognosis in AML with a normal karyotype without other mutations.
Karyotype and genome size estimation of Haliotis midae: estimators to assist future studies on the evolutionary history of Haliotidae.
Afterwards, several karyotype studies have been carried out across its distribution range and revealed obvious chromosomal polymorphisms as well as several different karyotypes (Savic and Soldatovic, 1984; Yuksel, 1984; Gulkac and Yuksel, 1989; Nevo, 1991; Yuksel and Gulkac, 1992; Nevo et al., 1994a, b, 1995; Kilic, 1995; Coskun, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2004a, b; Ivanitskaya et al., 1997; Coskun et al., 2006; 2010a, b, 2012a, b, 2014, 2015, 2016; Arslan and Zima, 2015, 2017).
TS registration cards contained information on date of birth, age at diagnosis, karyotype, height (cm), height standard deviation (SD) [World Health Organization (WHO), 2007] (36), weight (kg), body mass index [BMI (kg/[m.sup.2])] derived from WHO percentile tables for girls of appropriate age (36) and Tanner stage of sexual development (37).
Similarly, through cytogenetic tools, technique and better karyotype analysis accurate identification of chromosomes possessing agriculturally important traits can be carried out (Navabi et al., 2010).
The company says companies using the AlphaSTEM Culture System will find that iPSC generation is simpler and orders of magnitude more efficient, cell expansion is faster, scalable, and can be completely automated since it eliminates unwanted spontaneous differentiation while maintaining a normal karyotype, and differentiation efficiency is increased with improved yield, cell quality, and functionality.
A refned analysis of heterochromatn distributon and compositon is important to improve our knowledge of karyotype evoluton dynamics.
They also proposed a new etiological classification on the basis of karyotype analysis2.