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a degenerative state of the cell nucleus


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Karyopyknosis: The hepatocytes of this group of rabbits showed no protection from pyknosis that was seen in the hepatocytes of rabbits treated with MTX only (Fig.
Furthermore, study of breast cancer cells stained with Hoechst 33342 was performed, and results confirmed that treatment of AEEA causes karyopyknosis and chromatin condensation in nucleus, which further results in programmed cell death.
(h) Hyperaemia in the glomeruli capillaries, congestion (arrows) in renal tubular interstitium, degeneration of renal tubular epithelial cells presenting swelling, karyopyknosis, and karyolysis, and reddish material (arrows) exuded in lumen renal tubulars.
Protein casts and erythrocytes were occasionally found in renal tubule lumens of rats in the shock group along with tubular epithelial cells with necrosis, karyopyknosis, and acidophilic degeneration (Figure 4C and D).
Moreover, a large number of neurons lost structural integrity with obvious karyopyknosis and disintegration of nucleoli.
After MCAO, a large number of apoptotic neurons with karyopyknosis, cell gaps, and debris could be observed in vehicle group.
Subjection to sildenafil for four weeks induced spermatocytes karyopyknosis. This alteration was almost demonstrated by spermatocytes of the seminiferous tubules that exhibited necrosis (Fig.
A, Degeneration and severe necrosis (thick arrow) of cardiac muscle with abundant karyopyknosis in Cont group.
The neuronal karyopyknosis and chromatin margination could be observed and there was a small amount of neutrophils in the marginal zone of infarction.
Exposure of toxicants caused fatty change, karyopyknosis, nuclear vacuolization and cytoplasmic collapse in liver of all experimental groups.