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Synonyms for kapok

a plant fiber from the kapok tree

massive tropical tree with deep ridges on its massive trunk and bearing large pods of seeds covered with silky floss

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The hollow kapok tree with the vine-like strangler figs going around it may be man-made, but it is life-sustaining in that it has planters in which real plants grow.
In the Kapok Clubhouse and the SHINE group, we gained knowledge about recovery and peer support; thus, we applied for the PSW position when the opportunity arose in 2012.
Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) is now seen throughout the tropics mainly because it was extensively cultivated for the fibrous kapok found in mature fruit capsules.
Another psych move: We're not very warm-and-fuzzy lookin', and at seven feet-plus, VZ flat scares the kapok outta people.
The fluffy kapok pillow will satisfy your craving for supported sleep, 5) purerest.
A cottony fiber extracted from the pods of the ceiba tree, kapok was cultivated in the rainforests of Asia.
We had kapok (a type of cotton) suits, but it was bitterly cold.
After hiding out in the veld and living in the traditional way for 15 years, a drought has led Muis's partner, Kapok, to insist that they return to the small town of Leeu Gamka, to find work before they faced starvation.
Scientists have done extensive studies on fibers such as barley straw, kapok, polypropylene wool, Ramkumar said.
Rather than the allergy-free synthetic options available at the local big box store, opt for organic latex or organic kapok pillows from companies like Savvy Rest and CozyPure.
This book begins with a man who has tired while chopping down a huge kapok tree and decides to lies down to rest at the foot of the tree.
Its best price point has been $500 or less, with kapok or cotton fill, including new poufs it has collaborated on with Missoni.
An Indian with limited foreign language skills invariably finds it challenging to communicate to a birder that "the toucan is in the tallest cecropia tree, 3 feet in at 2 o'clock" - especially when his client could be from any country in the world and likely doesn't know a cecropia from a kapok.
Dunn Water Reclamation Facility in Pinellas County, a food establishment handling facility in Pasco County, and the Kapok Wetland and Floodplain Restoration Project in Clearwater.