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a fine usually white clay formed by the weathering of aluminous minerals (as feldspar)

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They were prepared by the reduction of Ag+ ion under alkaline conditions on kaolin surface.
CADAM SA reported on Monday a 5% rise in prices for kaolin clay products with effect from 1 January 2018, or as contracts allow.
The purpose of acquiring a map information system is the graphical and table processing of geological and cartographic data of prospective kaolin deposits in the czech republic and their interconnection and work with cadastral data provided by the czech office for surveying and cadastre (cuzk).
Emerging trends, which have a direct impact on the dynamics of the industry, include increasing penetration of kaolin in non-traditional applications, such as plastic, personal care, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agriculture.
An understanding of the degree of crystallinity, thermal behaviour and reaction dynamics during calcination are vital in characterizing kaolin for optimal exploitation (Madejova, 2003; Ekosse and Mulaba, 2008; Vaculikova et al.
HORN has reprsented BASF Kaolin in the western United States for more than 25 years, and has had a longstanding partnership with the BASF Corporation for more than 45 years.
Their relationship actually dates back to 1937, when Edgar Brothers Clay of Metuchen, NJ, asked Ben Joachim of The Joachim Research Laboratories to find additional applications for the kaolin they were mining in Georgia.
Studies using kaolin in the feed of poultry with higher concentration than its use in inert form, aimed to improve digestion and nutrients absorption, which showied improvementt, given the purposes of this substance is to promote the reduction of toxins that cause injuries to the intestinal epithelium, by the absorption and excretion of the pathogen thereby protecting the intestinal mucosa, hence improving the performance of the poultry (OLVER, 1997; FERREIRA et al.
Wherein the superabsorbent polymer containing hydrous kaolin particulate has a Centrifuge Retention Capacity of from about 25 g/g to about 40 g/g as measured by the Centrifuge Retention Capacity Test, and wherein, after surface crosslinking, the superabsorbent polymer particulate is dried at a temperature of 195[degrees]C for 18 minutes such that the superabsorbent polymer particulate exhibits a Centrifuge Retention Capacity about 3 g/g greater than if the superabsorbent polymer particulate had been dried at 185[degrees]C.
Due to lack of processing by elutriation, the consistency in quality of the Nagar Parkar kaolin is not maintained.
Beck and his ARS colleagues evaluated kaolin as an alternative to antibiotics, which are sometimes used to treat disease in fish.
Technology of production of the pyrite cinders of molybdenum middlings at JSC "Almalyk GMK" (Uzstandart, 2013) includes the mixture granulation (composition: Moconcentrate 90%, kaolin 10%) and firing of pellets at 600[degrees]C to oxidize sulfide minerals and to recover rhenium oxide.
Under the surface of the southeastern portion of the United States is a 350-mile stretch of kaolin clay that pulses life into the mining industry with its versatility.
Kaolin or China clay is one of such non-conventional feed additives.
24% stake in the US processed kaolin clay specialist Thiele Kaolin Company back to the company for USD76m (EUR56.