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Kalmia latifolia was limited in its cover (13%), height (0.7 m tall), and frequency of occurrence (20% of plots).
The maple tree is on the corner of Kalmia and Sixth streets.
Pearson's correlation test was used to calculate significance values and rank correlation coefficients as a relative measure of the linear dependency of two variables (WinSTAT, Kalmia).
Today at the Hamburg Inn Kalmia Strong--print artist who published the new beautiful letterpress edition was joined by Al Buck--the print artist who published the 1971 original accepted as the smallest thesis by the Iowa Writers Workshop.
Lil Hob Kalmia is also the top series on the channel among Emiratis and in third place among Expat Arabs.
Other stakes-performing members of this family include Victor, Kalmia, Kerria and King (all names preceded by the word Carrigeen, of course).
Bright and Ogard (personal comm.) documented mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) as the host plant at the Tannehill site.
Euschistus servus of order Hemiptera was found only in January, February and March while Lygaeus kalmia was observed in each month of study.
Tabor (1976) reports finding Kalmia latifolia, Eriopho rum virginicum, Scirpus atrovirens, and Vaccinium macrocarpum among a few other species growing on a Sphagnum sp.
In growing studies done at Arlington Farm (now the south parking lot of the Pentagon), Coville wrote, "Peat was procured yesterday from underneath some Kalmia (mountain laurel) bushes on the Virginia side of the Potomac opposite Plummer's Island." He had remarkable success with this very-low-pH soil.
Commercially-feasible micropropagation of mountain laurel, Kalmia latifolia, by use of shoot-tip culture.
cusickii, or both, 2.7%), mountain laurel (Kalmia polifolia, 2.5%), sibbaldia (Sibbaldia procumbens, 2.4%), and alpine pussytoes (Antennaria media, 2.3%).
The mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia L.) featured on the cover is one of the most beautiful native flowering shrubs of the eastern United States.