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Women's hoodies also cost pounds 39.95 and are available in M or L, and the Teflon-coated kagouls in M and L cost pounds 75.
As well as every form of rainwear from plastic macs to kagouls to the old favourite, plastic bags, there were fans in kilts, shorts and swimwear.
Curse the foolish Brit optimism that finds revellers gaily gyrating to the sound of the tropics whilst their kagouls are plastered to sodden bodies.
They were both about 5ft 8in and looked fairly similar in appearance, wearing zip-up light-coloured kagouls.
This was a rare opportunity to witness all the latest swirling and twirling moves executed by partners clad in dripping kagouls.
Because the one on the other side of the road was thick with punters wearing fleeces and kagouls, laying tarpaulins on the ground and erecting tents every two yards.
The sound of bobble-hats being crushed and kagouls being torn asunder?
The "supers" are particularly good for casuals and basics with slash neck tunics and tops, hooded sweats, fleeces, cargo wear, suedette kagouls, clamdiggers, and drawstring waist loose cotton pants.
And you can now get money through the Lottery for projects like a Scottish scheme to buy kagouls and binoculars to enable disabled and disadvantaged children to go dolphin watching.