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an offensive and insulting term for any Black African

a member of the Kafir people in northeastern Afghanistan

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"According to the Kharijites, anyone who disobeyed any of the Quranic prescriptions, or violated the example of the Prophet Muhammad in any way, was to be considered kafir...
For his part, terrorist Ammar Abdul-Ghani Hammo al-Saleh from Aleppo countryside said that the terrorists who taught and trained them were instilling in them the extremist Takfiri thought based on the rejecting others and labeling them as "Kafir" (apostate).
Weapons found in a JD Sports bag in Ali's car included a halfmade pipe bomb and a meat cleaver with "Kafir", Arabic for infidel, scratched into the blade.
MI5 went to bug Ali's car, only to uncover a JD Sports bag containing an arsenal of weapons including a meat cleaver - with the word "kafir" - Arabic for a non-believer or infidel - etched into the blade and a half-made pipe bomb.
Galangal, turmeric and kafir lime leaves are also used in abundance.
Makrut Murgh Tikka was coated in kafir lime paste and had a smoky taste.
Well, Amen for lemon grass because not only did it complement the kafir lime, but the flavour in itself was pleasant and not overwhelming.
Kafirin is an alcohol-soluble protein from Kafir Andropogon sorghum.
Hints of lavender, chamomile and kafir lime mixed with the subtle sweetness of honey create a refreshing taste.
EDGERTON: | Burglars smashed in the front door of a home on Kafir Road and stole a laptop, cash and numerous items of jewellery on April 21.
At first I thought perhaps the queen was insufficiently covered up for him, or that he thought the idea of bishops was a bit too kafir.
Hussain, originally from Kings Heath, claimed that a "kafir", or unbeliever, had alerted the authorities.
Another example is kafir, which denotes three things.
A page appeared to show the bodies of the two captives, with the caption "executed after being abandoned by kafir nations and organizations." "Kafir" means infidel in Arabic.