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an Arab headdress consisting of a square piece of cloth folded into a triangle and fastened over the crown by an agal

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Two seniors at Gateway High School were told they could not attend class while wearing their kaffiyeh, a checkered scarf worn by many men in the Middle East, in what school officials said was a bid to lessen tensions with Jewish students.
Before yesterday's morning service at St Peter's Church he told the Daily Post: "Since the invasion I have removed my priest's stole and use my Palestinian kaffiyeh instead.
Hundreds of Emiratis and expatriates carried a huge Palestinian flag and wrapped the traditional Palestinian Kaffiyeh around their necks and walked from Abu Dhabi chamber of Commerce to the breakwater intersection.
I do not know if the Palestinian who had wrapped the famous kaffiyeh around his head threw the snowball at the Israeli soldier, nor do I know if he had put a small stone inside to make it more eloquent.
But among the dozen or so Taliban gunmen guarding the house one, with most of his face hidden by a black and white kaffiyeh, appeared to be a European with light-colored eyes; Farooqi later confirmed that the guard was one of the brothers.
Sometimes it balances on a hat or kaffiyeh, other times on the bare head.
In other words, Piglet really did meet a Heffalump, and it turns out he was wearing a kaffiyeh.
Until his death, Arafat continued to wear a kaffiyeh headdress and military fatigues.
He didn't know which, but told me of once getting his bus stuck between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers in Bethlehem, prompting him to don a kaffiyeh and put up his photograph of the Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem's most striking landmark and a symbol of Palestinian sovereignty over Jerusalem.
About half the men sport the dish-dashas, long white robes, with or without the kaffiyeh on their heads.
They cut vastly different figures, Sheikh Omar and Sheikh Azzam, as they toured the Peshawar refugee camps and traveled together inside Afghanistan: one, a short, blind man wearing a red-and-white fez-like cap who, because of lifelong illness, looked much older than his years; the other, tall and strikingly attractive, in his Palestinian kaffiyeh and Afghan tribal robes.
Elderly men wearing kaffiyeh headdresses, women wearing chadors and Bedouin Arabs smoking nargileh pipes complete the scenario.
Instead of a net, however, three Palestinians--a woman wearing a kaffiyeh and two children are sprawled across the table.
Here they are invited to purchase everything from a sheet of white cotton and a handmade wooden stamp, with which to create a customized kaffiyeh, to embroidery fabric printed with traditional-looking designs, into which tanks, widows and weapons have been integrated.
The singer with the silky voice and warm smile had put Palestinian pride center stage throughout the competition, bringing many in the audience to their feet when he struck up his signature anthem to Palestinian nationalism, "Raise the Kaffiyeh.