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a masked dancer during a Pueblo religious ceremony who is thought to embody some particular spirit

a deified spirit of the Pueblo people

a carved doll wearing the costume of a particular Pueblo spirit

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This kachina doll was made by master Hopi carver Nate Jacob.
"Our people must fully understand the traditions of their people before they can legitimately make Kachina dolls (or other Hopi artifacts.) They must be initiated into the culture and often, they must go through a long training period to learn the spiritual and traditional meaning of the items."
We would make autograph books, with a picture of each student, and a kachina doll. I would explain that to the Hopi Indians, the doll's very form captured a powerful idea or feeling.
This New Mexico-based gift basket company specializes in offering unique and authentic Southwestern items such as blue corn chips and chile pistachios, red and green chile salsa, bizcochitos--the official state cookie--and a Native American handcrafted kachina doll. Or create a customized basket.
However, eBay has featured two highly collectable ceramic Easter eggs by Kim Vallo, an Acoma artist, and a clown Kachina doll holding and painting an Easter egg by Neil David, Sr., a Hopi artist.
Children from 3 to 14 will be able to learn about and create a weaving or kachina doll, or create designs that interweave corn, squash and beans.
"Hopi Indian Kachina Doll Sculpture: Its Sources and Influences." PhD diss., Union Institute, 1984.
Season's Greetings had Jack Spratt, Kachina Doll and Secret Index behind when winning a Listed race at Chantilly last month, and she is weighted to confirm the form.
Kachina Doll (2.30) looked a smart filly when strolling home at Bath last time and she receives a valuable sex allowance from Triple Blue and Atmospheric.
KACHINA DOLL booked her ticket for Royal Ascot with a runaway victory at Bath yesterday.
Kachina Doll booked her ticket for Royal Ascot with a runaway victory in the European Breeders Fund Trowbridge Novice Stakes.
It most resembles a kachina doll, a very simplified block figure--Benglis describes its eyes, ears, and mouth by no more than sticking her fingers an inch or two straight into the clay.
Activities will include creating a kachina doll, making designs with the Zia Symbol or interwoven corn, squash and beans and painting landscapes or personal petroglyphs.
at San Siro yesterday but Kachina Doll could only finish fourth.
But it could prove to be a good race, with Kachina Doll, who was well down the field, improving well to win at Windsor last night.