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a masked dancer during a Pueblo religious ceremony who is thought to embody some particular spirit

a deified spirit of the Pueblo people

a carved doll wearing the costume of a particular Pueblo spirit

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The Diplomat cocktail ($9) at Kachina has house-smoked ice cubes, made by placing a vessel of water in the smoker for 90 minutes, before cooling and straining it, and freezing it in large ice cube trays.
Kachina House, "Native American Hopi Carved Clown Katsina Doll Painting Easter Egg", http://www.
This is a real Kachina however, made by the Hopi, in the Hopi tradition and within a [s/c] established Kachina class/category ["class/category" as noted is bogus].
Holly Hall was the only jockey in the 12-strong field for the apprentice classified race who had not ridden a winner, but the 22-year-old Newmarket girl put that right on 12-1 shot Stargazy, who is trained by Bill Turner for the Kachina Racing syndicate.
At this point, their art-history instructor, Kachina Martin, decided that more could be gained by students doing additional research directly linked to their secondary art-history studies
Children from 3 to 14 will be able to learn about and create a weaving or kachina doll, or create designs that interweave corn, squash and beans.
Before that, he served as president of BOC Edwards Kachina, International Isotopes and the Kaytex Unit of General Signal.
Previously, he was President of BOC Edwards Kachina.
It began with a less-than-accurate explanation of Kachina gods within the Hopi culture.
Owner Michael Chung also owns Kachina in Shirley, Hampshire.
I've always been drawn to Native American art, paintings with a Southwestern theme, native pottery, kachina dolls and anything created by hand, particularly three-dimensional works.
Likewise James, the carver of kachina dolls, embodiments of ancestral spirits in wood.
Dykes stood in line to relive childhood when Grosset & Dunlap re-released the original Nancy Drew series, in which Drew solved more than 60 baffling cases from The Secret of the Old Clock to The Thirteenth Pearl and The Kachina Doll Mystery.
The Hotshots borrowed the group's tribal symbol, a Knife Wing Kachina, which adorns trucks and crew T-shirts today.
Many had become thoroughly Christianized, and a return to kachina worship was unthinkable.