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any collection in its entirety

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In this novela, Cervantes takes hold of transcendence and a whole gamut of symbolic imagery by the horns, bringing the whole kit and kaboodle down to earth and into the alternate reality of his very materially-infused narrative.
Our program will never request you for your plan, will never five and dime shop your impression or disparate kit and kaboodle that will besiege your privacy.
Gourmet Catalog and Buying Group has added Kitchen Kaboodle executive Maryann Samsa, with more than 30 years of experience, to its team as buying group director ...
(22.) "Ganesh, Rosie, and Cowgirl AirFresheners," Kaboodle website,,accessed July 9, 2013.
KIT AND KABOODLE With your sportswear and sneakers sorted, all that's left are the finishing fitness touches.
He and his supporters celebrated at Kaboodle Pizzeria Bar & Grille in Spencer.
The answer is simple: the entire kit and kaboodle, and Philip Appleman is just the man to do it.
The 100 costumes included were found on 51 different websites including commercial websites selling Halloween costumes such as The Horror Dome, Spirit of Halloween, and Halloween; discount websites that sold a variety of discounted products such as American Sales,, and; fashion websites that include a variety of clothing and fashion accessories such as Style Hive, Summit Fashions, and; men's informational websites such as, The Ronin Mensch, and Men's Fancy Dress; and informational websites that offered party ideas or homemade costume suggestions such as Halloween Costume Ideas, Halloween Kids Costumes, and Craft Costumes.
Private music teachers who apply to be part of Yamaha's interactive group instruction program will receive special pricing for classroom instruments and a Keyboard Encounters Kids "Teacher's Kit & Kaboodle."
A clothing retail shop, for example, could forgo a Craigslist classified for an update to a site like Kaboodle or Polyvore.
One of its clerks, Albert Lasker, worked his way up and eventually bought the whole kit and kaboodle in 1912.
The fiberglass batt sometimes comes with a foil facing--the "vapor barrier." More often the whole kit and kaboodle (4) is covered with sheet polyethylene that may, or may not, be called an "air-vapor barrier." Yuck.
Singh's most recent ventures include Bunchball, Movoto, Kaboodle and several India investments.
A55 last night Monday events and attractions include Kite Kaboodle Caernarfon 10am-12 noon, at Castle Square Presbyterian Church.