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having a secret or hidden meaning

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Glossing over this crucial discrepancy Spector ahgns her interpretation of Blake's illuminated books to the kabbalistic model, and identifies three types of mystical grammars, "conversion," "trans-objective grammar" and the "grammar of practice" eventually achieved in Blake's Jerusalem, a "personalized rendition of the kabbalistic myth" ("Glorious Incomprehensible" 159).
Perhaps the author intended to invoke Kabbalistic interpretation of the Kaddish.
The central essay in Studies, "De Natura Dei," addresses the distinction between the Talmudic and Kabbalistic conceptions of myth.
A 13th-century manuscript by Rabbi Eleazer of Worms, an early German Kabbalist, gives detailed instructions for how to create a golem; by the end of that century, summoning golems was a common part of Kabbalistic practice.
For Kitaj, she incarnated the indwelling Shekinah, the Kabbalistic personification of the female nature of God.
It is believed that Rabbi Isaac Luria, who is known for revolutionizing the study of Jewish mysticism through Kabbalah, connected the various items of the seder to the 10 kabbalistic sefirot (mystical dimensions which described the divine attributes of God) and so the seder plate became a sacred symbol of God.
They cover nurturing the seeds of sanity: a Buddhist approach to psychotherapy, rediscovering Christ the healer, tales of the goddess: healing metaphors for women, Kabbalistic pathways for growth and healing, indigenous knowledge and shamanic ways: inner journeys and soul retrieval, the key in the dark: self and soul transformation in the Sufi and Islamic spiritual traditions, Taoist mind-body resources for psychological health and healing, and the yoga path as a way of life.
Shlomy Mualem, Borges and Kabbalistic Infinity: Bin So/and the Holy Book.
The allusion to the Oratio does not seem casual: not only does Pico also make an explicit link to a Semitic context by citing an Arab source, but the nod to Pico summons up another attempt to link Jewish sources to the roots of Christian and secular wisdom, and specifically foreshadows the use that De' Sommi will make of kabbalistic theory, as we will see below.
2) and Kabbalistic thinking, and then present them in the context of the larger history of religion and science, interpreting both fields to outsiders.
As an internationally renowned authority on Jewish mysticism, Cole has been recognized and rewarded for his interpretation of kabbalistic verse.
The Kabbalastic idea of creation is expressed through light, space and geometric and this guide uses a range of historical materials and images in modern art to explore the influence of Kabbalistic spirituality on modern design.
Mystical vertigo; contemporary Kabbalistic Hebrew poetry; dancing over the divide.
1562), a convert from Judaism and a professor of Hebrew and Semitic languages at the Altdorf Academy, with whom Casaubon corresponded about kabbalistic ideas.
The readings, found in kabbalistic wisdom, can enable one to make the changes necessary to take hold of one's destiny and be free of uncertainty and doubt.