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an expert who is highly skilled in obscure or difficult or esoteric matters


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a student of the Jewish Kabbalah

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Even in a passage by one of the closest kabbalists to Luria, his disciple R.
"Schulz cannot be viewed as a kabbalist, or in any way a follower of the Kabbalah," states Bozena Shallcross.
Adorno was a secular philosopher, and no kabbalist, but he wrote something in 1951 that I think Rabbi Kook, Paul Celan, and Esther Cameron could all agree with--and which might also guide all those who seek the place of art in Judaism and human thought after Auschwitz:
(12) In "A 21st Century Note on Borges's Kabbalism," Aizenberg compares Borges to a Christian Kabbalist because he "used Jewish mysticism in syncretic form to break molds" (53) and because he, like Christian Kabbalists, was "fascinated by the Kabbalah's letter richness as a different path to greater perception and as a scheme for attempted understanding of the universe" (53).
Just as God cannot be identified by any one formal name, nor be constricted to any one gender as the kabbalists have taught us, but only be known by the notion of becoming, so Jewishness can never be captured by one single trait, feature, or ideology.
"The Kabbalist" is a novel set around the turn of the twentieth century, as a Kabbalist seer sees horrible things lying in the distance for the world, consumed by world.
However, this is conclusion drawn by a late 13th century Catalan Kabbalist, R.
Horses are comely mares that seduce men and dream of centaurs as they sleep; the terror of the neighborhood/country is a predatory young woman with a vagina dentata, who is ultimately won over by a Kabbalist and his ingenious contraceptive device.
He had become a Bohemian and Kabbalist, "an impoverished and chronic alcoholic" (77).
There is a personal significance tied to the project, as Bolla himself is a devout Kabbalist.
She's since released followups and they are all based around her kabbalist faith, all striving to teach lessons Madonna has learned in her study of this branch of Jewish mysticism as well as lessons she has learned throughout her life.
The sixteenth-century technician of memory, rhetorician, Kabbalist, and onetime geomancer Giulio Camillo Delminio once described the process: "And truly as I was in the midst of casting the figure, the action of my hand so perfectly fixed my mind to the movements of the heavens that my intention was completely absorbed.
However, Bingle's rep said that she was not a Kabbalist and the band was a simple fashion statement.
In the video-taped interview, Rabbi Winkler gives a glimpse into the symbolism of the Kabbalist worldview.
He wears the Kabbalah red string around his left wrist, and although he says he's not a Kabbalist - "There's a lot that goes into it that I'm not capable of" - the fussy star isn't shy about setting his own rules about how he likes his women.