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an esoteric or occult matter resembling the Kabbalah that is traditionally secret

an esoteric theosophy of rabbinical origin based on the Hebrew scriptures and developed between the 7th and 18th centuries

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Three years ago, he exhibited a series of works based on the Jewish mystical scriptures called the Kabbala.
Miscellaneous references to the Bible, ancient myths, the Byzantine novel, the tradition of the Kabbala, sermons from the Serbian baroque period, texts from German romantic writers, Russian classics, Serbian contemporary writers, and more, are introduced at different places in the novel, combining cultural layers of human civilization and illustrating arts combinatoria of postmodernism.
Marxist] 'aesthetics' with the entrancing esotericism of the Kabbala.
00--This volume of studies in honor of Arthur Hyman contains various investigations in philosophy, Halakha, and Kabbala.
In Sommer's opinion Judaism reverts in Kabbala to the pre-Deuteronomic faith in which the fluid divine body was embodied in pillars, trees, and icons.
The marriage is said to have foundered over the singer's devotion to the Jewish cult of kabbala.
Those who respond to Meroi's title hoping to find pages dedicated to the Jewish Kabbala, to Neoplatonic mysticism, or to a study of the occult, are likely to be disappointed, even if he generously recognizes the contribution by other scholars to the study of such subjects.
For instance, in his historical overview of the ancient and then Jewish and Christian sources for understanding Wisdom (Sophia), he does not spend enough time examining Christian Gnosticism and the Kabbala as influences on the development of Vladimir Solov'ev's sophiological views.
That this sounds reminiscent of Kabbala, Jewish mysticism, is hardly surprising since Bosman (1879-?
The Bridge to Nothingness: Gnosis, Kabbala, Existentialism, and the Transcendental Predicament of Man.
For example, number 12 features a lot - don't ask me why, I know nothing more about kabbala now than I did before I watched the film.
and Jamatkana's and Yoga Studios and Kabbala classes
And, as far as I know, he didn't confirm his belief in Kabbala, or deliberately get himself sent off in a football match because he couldn't be bothered travelling to Azerbaijhan.
But Madonna's Kabbala beliefs mean she prefers not to work on that day.
The couple made the decision after seeing a kabbala wedding in Los Angeles.