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The analysis of variance at 1 kHz revealed a highly significant difference between groups, F=6.
After briefly reviewing the history of benefit-cost analysis and revealing his new form of it, Zerbe criticizes the theory of market failure, arguing that KHZ analysis is a much superior concept.
The mean hearing levels were lower in the Behcet group than in the controls at all frequencies, but only the differences at 1 kHz and higher were statistically significant.
The ST-33Q preset frequencies are: 128 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 93 kHz and 262 kHz when in direct connection mode.
NIST researchers have made the first spectral measurements of a directly coupled array and found that harmonic distortion was more than 80 dB below the amplitude of synthesized fundamental frequencies of I kHz and 50 kHz.
Vibration amplitude at the low and middle frequencies is about 60 nm, with a transducer voltage of 1 V, corresponding to an equivalent sound pressure level (SPL) of 100 dB SPL up to 1 kHz.
Sounds above 16 kHz alarm crickets, giving them a wide margin of safety, Robert A.
AMEX: CYI) announced today that its subsidiary, Cycomm Corporation ("Cycomm"), has begun marketing 5 KHz Linear Modulation mobile radio equipment in the United States.
APHIS' report remarks that "approximately 80 percent of the scanners in this country can read only the 125 kHz chip" and of pets with microchips in the United States, "98% are microchipped with a 125 kHz chip.
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation and commissioning of 1 no complete portable dual channel single beam hydrographic echo sounder with 200 khz 210 khz and 33 khz transducer pipe mounted with rig and sound velocity calibrator.
Systems for continuous web applications feature a micro-gap controller and are available in 20 kHz for line speeds exceeding 600 ft/min.
In 12 of the patients, air-conduction thresholds were determined at 500 Hz and 1,2,4,6, and 8 kHz by pure-tone audiometry.
Above that threshold, ultrasound ranges from 16 kHz to several million hertz.