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We thus gain another letter, r, represented by (, with the words 'the tree' in juxtaposition.
Like puzzles, juxtapositions art is designed to holistically engage both the left and right sides of brain, evoking visceral responses and cognitive engagement.
This addition to Ideale Audience International's Juxtapositions series features Hungarian filmmaker Judit Kele exploring two of these "exports," Gyorgy Kurtag and Peter Eotvos, delving into their distinct musical universes to craft portraits of the composers at work and helping us discover why Hungary has played such an important role in defining Europe's contemporary musical culture.
In another recurring theme, a whole dissertation on casting as metaphor and method emerges from juxtapositions of Marcel Broodthaers, Allan McCollum, and Rachel Whiteread.
(The stuffy British-gentleman dialogue given to a shipping magnate is not much better.) Best of all are Moore's trademark portentous juxtapositions: In one key scene two women get it on at the riotous premier of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring; later a super-orgy is intercut with the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand.
Mark Podwal is one of those startling soulsthey are very fewwho can imagine, through the power of a unifying eye, connections so new that they shake the brain into fresh juxtapositions of understanding.
Signature works such as the Denver Public Library and his Florida hotels and apartments featured unusual juxtapositions of mass, and surprising, bright colors.
Them, as with Aeros, the emphasis is on bodies, their antic juxtapositions and their weird capabilities.
Finally, like the other releases in the Juxtapositions series (Attrazione d'Amore; Voyage To Cythera: Based on the Third Movement of Sinfonia by Luciano Berio, Gustav Mahler: Conducting Mahler: Mahler: Ich bin der Well abhanden gekommen, Philip Glass: Looking Glass, and Pierre Boulez: Eclat; Sur incises), the packaging is outstanding and offers a detailed discography as well as information about the production itself.
Exaggerated by white bands separating the images, the juxtapositions imply contesting truth claims and in so doing overcome the limitations of single-frame documentary representation.
Remodelling of a museum of Asian art in Paris traces the development of ancient civilizations, focusing on their evolutions and mutual influences through geographical juxtapositions and the emergence of trade routes.
He honed his signature style--close-cropped juxtapositions of steamy sensuality and embroidered despair--in All of a Sudden, his confectionery coffee-table classic of 1995.
Returning to classical rhetoric and its reliance on a form of mental writing, evocative images which function as text, Martin works from a bibliography of predominantly structuralist orientation, focusing on patterns, locations and juxtapositions within the Essais.
It featured simple, hard-edge geometric shapes painted in acrylic on linen and unprimed canvas, with ribbons of raw fabric disrupting symmetries and slicing up unexpected juxtapositions of color.
According to Moore, the best architects Gehry, Ito, Koolhaas, Nouvel, Herzog and de Meuron - perform a kind of balancing act, making virtues of the qualities of this strange new world, 'its weird shifts of scale, its juxtapositions of the local and the global, the physical and the immaterial, its odd misapplications of imagery', without falling into the abyss of out and out consumerism.